2017 set into motion some of the ‘biggest changes’ and ‘technological advancements’ in the B2B landscape and the mobile app development industry.

CircleBack, gauging industry needs, made it a point to remain up-to-date with the latest research and technological developments in the market. The company accordingly updated its suite of tools for managing, organizing and transferring clean and ready-to-use contact data to be further analyzed and used by the sales and marketing teams/analysts.

This journey of growth and incessant learning has so far been amazing. Let’s jump into our time machines and relive how CircleBack powerfully paired up with the latest B2B trends to offer clean and accurate data, and successfully celebrated two years into the relationship revolution in 2017.

We’re Two Years Into the Relationship Revolution

In these two years, CircleBack went through incredible changes—tons of ups and downs, struggles, and wins. But rather than telling you all about the great features that were added to the CircleBack address book, we decided to celebrate this occasion with you by sharing 8 blog posts about completely owning relationship building. These pieces, when paired with powerful tools like CircleBack, can help you create and maintain deeper meaningful relationships with your prospects.

Undoubtedly, networking is a great way to connect with your prospects, and 2017 was filled with ample opportunities.

2017: The Year of Networking

Filled with possibilities—to be more productive, to be more successful, etc.—2017 was the year that you could absolutely make your own if your finger was on the pulse. And even though summers are not the usual time to network, if you have the right tools and a will to meet more people, you can come out as a winner.

Prospecting Through the Summer Slump

During summer, people want something to do. They want to connect. They want to have drinks. It’s these times that are perfect for networking. And successful networking involves a customary exchange of contact information.

The quandary, however, is that you cannot keep stacking business cards in your pockets for eternity, or let the cards pile up somewhere in your already cluttered drawers. This necessitated the use of business card scanning and contact management apps. Or in other words, this is where CircleBack tools pitch in.

Scan & Store Business Cards In No Time

If you can add your significant business card contacts to your phonebook in no time, your next networking event should help you to not just ‘connect’ with more people, but also ‘stay connected’.

CircleBack’s ScanBizCards app offers a viable and powerful solution to this problem. Its enterprise edition helps businesses to boost their sales productivity while increasing the flow of great contact data into their Salesforce CRM.

ScanBizCards Enterprise – Capture, Save and Connect

With ScanBizCards Enterprise edition, you get unlimited card scanning, unlimited additions to address book, manual card transcriptions, backup and restore, export to CRM, CSV, direct scan to CRM and more.

Nevertheless, business cards are not the only means to collect contact information. Your phone data and contact info gathered manually or from different sources also, by and large, land up in your CRM. And if your CRM data is inaccurate, the company may have to incur huge tangible and intangible losses.

The Real Cost of Inaccurate Information

The ‘Experian Data Quality Research Study’ estimates that, on average, 32 percent of your data is inaccurate, and that you’re wasting about 27 percent of your revenue due to unreliable and incomplete customer or prospect data. Consider targeting the source of your data to ensure that you and your reps are bringing the best, most accurate data to the table.

One-Touch Access To A Mini-databank of Prospects

With a smarter, more organized way to managing bulk contacts, the CircleBack suite of apps offers reliable tools to keep your contacts up-to-date and ready to use. Whereas CircleBack’s ScanBizCards helps you to snap and save your business cards to your address book; its contact management app, powered by AI, keeps your entire address book clean, up-to-date and de-duplicated along with informing you of any contact updates, right at your fingertips.

This clean, accurate and processed data is a prerequisite for ABM.

Building Better Data Into Your ABM Process

Whether you’re just embarking on the ABM journey, or if you’ve developed a process, access to fresh and updated data is a must.

Building Relationships With Up-To-Second Data – Just When You Need It

This updated data, when rinsed and groomed nicely, can easily be analyzed to limit the marketing and sales resources on a defined set of targeted accounts, using customized campaigns for each account. So, once you have your targeted accounts, the next step is to weave your ABM around Persona-Based Marketing.

Weaving your ABM Strategy Around Buyer Personas

Weaving ABM around PBM isn’t hard, but it does rely on a level of behavioral understanding that may seem unfamiliar to you. But you know persona marketing—and have likely been doing it for years. Just work on taking those principles to the next level.

These 10 most popular CircleBack blogs from 2017 offer you significant glimpses into the changing B2B landscape and how CircleBack can help you attain the necessary data for the purpose.

In 2018, we are all set to embrace the changing scenarios and new challenges to offer you the best and the most relevant.

Share your thoughts below about what more you’re looking for in our apps, and we will try our best to incorporate the suggested changes.