Grab some champagne and pop on a party hat—CircleBack turns two today, and we couldn’t be more excited.

It’s not every day that a tiny startup in the DC suburbs makes it this long—much less one that’s still growing stronger every day—and the fact that we get the privilege of waking up each morning to help the world build better relationships… let’s just say it’s pretty awesome.

Over the last two years, CircleBack gone through incredible change—tons of ups and downs, struggles and wins. So when we all sat down earlier this week to really take a second and think about all we’ve accomplished, we realized that we have a lot to share.

But rather than telling you about all the great features we’ve added to the CircleBack address book—including better automatic contact updating, email contact capture, and business card scanning—over the last 8 quarters, we thought hey, let’s celebrate how much easier it is to build relationships in this day and age.

To do so, we’ve rounded up our favorite 8 blog posts about completely owning relationship building. These pieces—some of which, shamelessly, we wrote—changed the thinking about relationships for good and, when paired with powerful tools like CircleBack, make you completely unstoppable both personally and in your career.


5 Networking Apps You Need In Your Sales Toolbox – Sales Engine

An instant classic, this piece brought relationship-building front and center in the tech-center sales universe.

9 Habits of People Who Build Extraordinary Relationships – Inc.

An oldie-but-a-goodie, this piece laid the groundwork for relationship building as a series of processes. If you aren’t already doing the things mentioned here, start immediately.

Using Your Professional Network for Targeted Social Selling – Adaptive Business

Making your relationships work for you is the key to social selling. This guide gives you the step-by-step you need to get it done.

How to Build Your Network – Harvard Business Journal

The foundational text in the field, this deep look at the professional value of relationships is what started it all.

4 Ways to Build the Relationships You Need for Account-Based Marketing – FlipMyFunnel

With the wave of ABM fully upon us, this early article from FlipMyFunnel set a precedent for how salespeople and marketers could use their existing data to create new relationships.

Why Good Contact Data is a Must for Marketing Departments – CircleBack

As relationships became front and center in the account-based universe, this post offers marketers a look into the true value of the data they already—and how it can be applied to different areas.

The 59 Commandments of Business Networking – Small Biz Trends

Everybody loves a comprehensive list, and this piece has great advice for newcomers and old pros alike.

3 Easy Steps for Transforming Networking Contacts into MQLs – Openview Labs

Relationships are only as good as what you use them for. This piece from Openview offers marketers a simple strategy for translating address book contacts into marketing-qualified leads.

Thanks for two great years. Here’s to many strong relationships, closed deals, and better careers in the years to come!

Oh, and if you haven’t, Download CircleBack.

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