CleanUp Duplicate Contacts

Cleanup Duplicate Contacts removes years of productivity-killing contact duplicates in an instant and brings a new level of customizable control to your address book.

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Cleanup Suite - Address Book & Contact Duplicates
Cleanup Suite - Address Book & Contact Duplicate Merging

Duplicate Contact Merging

Clean up years of duplicate contact data in less than 60 seconds.
Cleanup Suite - Address Book & Contact Customize

Customizable Merge Sensitivity

Control the merge process to ensure you only merge the contacts you want.
Cleanup Suite - Address Book & Contact Backup

Address Book Backup

Backup your address book for peace of mind.


“Saved me HOURS of time!”

“This app cleaned up nearly 1,300 duplicates in a matter of minutes. Totally awesome!”

“The best de-duplication app I have ever used.”

“Love it, love it, love it! Not only does it clean up duplicates, it also easily allows you to delete contacts you no longer need. This app is priceless.”

“Perfect app for duplicate contacts.”

“It cleaned up my contacts perfectly and even correctly merged some changes I’d made in Outlook. It’s fast, easy, and got it done spot on.”

After I did a sync from other devices and ran this app. It removed a ton of duplicates and allowed me to merge the rest. I really like this app.”

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