We’ve all had that terrible experience of hitting a brick wall trying to get hold of the right contact information on our phones. It can be really frustrating.

Do you expect more from your phone’s native contact management app? Do you often find yourself juggling with outdated and new information? Do you often come across multiple entries with the same name? You’re not alone.

What causes the mess?

The smartphone you’re carrying is unlikely to be your first. You’ve probably been migrating contacts from one phone to another for years now. Obviously, your phone may have accumulated years of defunct and stale contact information and dozens of duplicate entries.

These duplicate entries don’t just lie in there, they are likely to get synched with various apps in addition to your email contact list, inevitably adding to the chaos. It gets worse if these happen to be your business contacts because you are simply passing decayed contact data onto your CRM.

This inaccurate, stale, incomplete and irrelevant data, when added to your network list, may result in losses– in terms of lost opportunities, error processing outlay, high-risk decision-making, and intangible costs of losing goodwill in the market.

According to Gartner, the average financial impact of poor data on businesses is estimated to be around $9.7 million per year. It’s a no brainer– if your business relies on contact data, spring clean your contact data, fast. Problem is, it’s easier said than done. Given the volume of contact information hoarded on modern phones, it would seem rather impractical to try to clean it manually.

How do you clean up the mess? Hint: yes, there’s an app for it.

Infact, there are quite a few contact management apps available in the market. Now, selecting the right one may be a difficult choice. The easiest way to make your choice is to make a decision based on facts and statistics.

With an active monthly user base of over 200,000; and more with than 1.5 billion connections made so far, CircleBack’s contact management app speaks for itself.

CircleBack’s contact management application for iOS and Android offers a superior solution to the contact management problem.

Contact manager, card scanner and duplicate cleaner– all packed into one!

It’s no exaggeration to label the CircleBack app as a complete contact manager, given what it does. It keeps your entire address book clean, up-to-date, and de-duplicated; in addition to offering other useful features including e-mail signature capture and business card scan.

Powered by AI, the CircleBack contact management app informs you of any updates in contact titles, phone number, work emails, or jobs of the contacts, thus helping you organize your phone data.

ScanBizCards app helps you snap and save your business cards to your address book, and then export the data directly to a CRM.

Once you have this clean, accurate and processed info, you can access it anywhere, anytime through WebSync, allowing you one touch access to the mini-databank of your prospects.

With a smarter, more organized way to managing bulk contacts, together, the CircleBack suite of apps offer tools you can rely on to keep up with your contacts.

It’s a complete package to tackle all of your contact management hassles. And it’s free!

Download CircleBack here.