I think we can all agree that 2016 was not the best. And whether it was the loss of cultural icons, the tumultuous political climate, or personal struggles that got you down, I’ve got some good news for you—2017 is a clean slate.

Filled with opportunities—to be more productive, to be more successful, etc.—this year is one that you can absolutely make your own if your finger’s on the pulse.

So here it is: 2017 will be the year of networking.

Now I know that’s a big statement. And with the rise of account-based marketing tactics  and the dominance of predictive analytics in our marketing and sales stacks, networking may seem a crude tool by comparison.

But guess what? It isn’t.

The fact remains that, without contact management, you can’t reach out to build relationships. Without relationships, you can’t sell anything. So even with all the intelligence in the known universe working to bolster your process, shorten your funnel, etc., you’re still kinda screwed without a strong network.

And while the tools you have in your stack are obviously working for you—and we’re all enjoying this technological push into the future of business—we can’t forget that, however far we go forward, the fundamentals remain the same. We have to be able to reach people. We have to build relationships with them.  

And that is exactly why CircleBack exists. Part networking tool, part big-data powerhouse, CircleBack simplifies the process of in-person networking (with quick business card scan api, simple follow up, and easy export contacts to Salesforce) while enriching all your data with additional information, updates when contacts change jobs, and more.

So whether you’re targeting specific accounts, using the shotgun blast of traditional demand gen, or working on growing your own professional opportunities, your key contacts are always reachable. You know what’s going on in their careers, you have their most recent email address, and you can always get in touch.

And that’s the intelligence that always gets the job done. So here’s to it!
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