Admit it—Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is on your mind.

But whether you’re just embarking on the ABM journey, or if you’ve developed a process, you’ve definitely already considered the most critical factor in ABM—if you don’t have good data, the entire process is useless.

After all, how can you possibly craft the right message, deliver it on the right channels, or, heck, even identify the right decision maker if you don’t have great data?

You can’t. And fortunately, you don’t have to try.

But first, a little background.

Contact Data Matters A Lot

We start the healing by facing the facts—the foundation of your ABM effort (your data) is variable and vulnerable.

Contacts move from job to job, climbing in their various career trajectories while companies change offices, change phone numbers, get acquired, etc.

In fact, some of the people/industries we’re selling to have a turnover rate so high, it can lead to data decaying at about 70% per year. Add to that that roughly 62% leads on general market are missing phone numbers, 87%-revenue info, and 86% -employee info and you’re starting to see an enormous problem..

So how do you stop it? At the source.

What you need is to verify your data before it reaches your database. And the first place to start is mobile—after all, what if your CRM but the sum total of prospecting/networking of your BDRs, sales execs, and your demand gen efforts.

And while it may seem like a fool’s errand to try and verify all your data as it’s coming in, it isn’t. All you need are the right tools and a little automation.

Solving for Real-time Data Verification

Verifying data in real time can be a time-consuming undertaking. While the information is free and available—all you really have to do is look someone up on LinkedIn to know where they work, what their title is, etc.—trying to undertake that process in a scalable way is almost impossible.

Sure, you can try, but then you’ll probably end up like the businesses in the LeadJen Study, wasting 27.3% of each of your sales rep’s time while spending about $20,000 per rep per year on bad leads.

Translation: not good.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution that will literally save you thousands in wasted time and hours—CircleBack.

CircleBack offers easy-to-use contact management tools for mobile and enterprise that effectively take all the waste out of the ABM and prospecting process. Using a powerful combination of AI and crowdsourcing, CircleBack automates the contact validation process by providing real-time updates for everyone in a single mobile address book.

Arm each of your sales reps with the tool, and essentially, you’re putting a series of automation processes to work that consistently (and accurately) refresh your entire data store, ensuring that account-based efforts go smoothly, and that you’re actually using your team’s time to maximize revenue and minimize waste.

Sounds good, right?