Chances are good that one of the features that drew you to CircleBack, one of the major selling points, was that with it you get an easy, cloud-based address book that acts as a living, breathing backup of your contacts. Between phone mishaps and the risk of contact loss due to “corporate wipe” when leaving a job, protecting a contact list is a major concern among professionals who spend years cultivating the right relationships.

Fortunately, we built these backups into the DNA of CircleBack, simplifying the process of “backing up” so that when your phone is lost or wiped, you never lose anyone you need, ever.

How to Backup Your Contacts in CircleBack

CircleBack lets you effortlessly backup address book contacts to iCloud.

Open the CircleBack app on your iOS device, create an account (if you haven’t already), and the contacts in your phone’s address book will be added to your newly created online address book (aka: backup). Plus, if you choose to add other networks, they will be consolidated in CircleBack as well.

That’s it! By adding any contacts at all to CircleBack, a backup is automatically created and accessible to you whenever you need it.

Thanks for your support!