As a part of the CircleBack community, you want to get the most from your address book: updated, clean contacts that are ready for you to use in the blink of an eye. But to really get the most value out of the app, we also recommend adding as many networks to CircleBack as possible.

With CircleBack, you’re not just limited to managing the address book on your phone. By adding networks (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail,, Yahoo), CircleBack brings in contact information from all your channels, de-dupes them, and provides you with a more complete picture of the contacts you have at your fingertips.

Further, by adding these additional networks, you actually strengthen CircleBack’s effectiveness. Each time you add a network, you send thousands of new data signals into the system which are then considered by our Artificial Intelligence (AI); what this means is that, in addition to having a more complete, unified contact list, the quality of your updates increases because there is more data to make better decisions.

To add additional networks, simply launch your CircleBack app, tap “Networks,” and add away!

Thanks for your support!