We’ve received a ton of feedback since CircleBack launched, and, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, we take each piece of feedback into consideration for the betterment of the product. Because of your questions and comments, we’ve made a lot of changes, and here are a few of note: we updated our UI, added new sort / view modes, gave you the ability to manage the duplicates we merge for you automatically, and have even discovered a neat hack to allow CircleBack to manage your LinkedIn contacts.

Unfortunately, there’s one feature we simply can’t offer at this time: the ability to mass-accept CircleBack updates.

I mean, sure, we’d like to (and of course we have the technical ability), but there’s a very good reason that we don’t: because the quality of your contact updates would suffer.

Because CircleBack runs on an Artificial Intelligence learning engine, your feedback on the updates we offer (whether you choose to accept or ignore them) contributes to the high-quality information we’re able to suggest to the CircleBack community. Our fear with mass updates is that, if everyone simply “mass accepts” these changes, the quality of the feedback CircleBack receives will be reduced because we won’t know if we’re right or not, thus lowering the quality of CircleBack updates.

Please believe it’s not us being unresponsive on this one. If there’s any way we can implement it while still maintaining the accuracy you expect from CircleBack, we’ll find it.

Thanks for your support.

And, if you haven’t already, give CircleBack a try on iOS or Android. We have a strong commitment to delivering clean, complete, updated contacts, and we work hard to ensure that the app you want is the app we offer.