It’s with great excitement that I announce that Mark Dye has joined the CircleBack team as Chief Strategy Officer!

Mark and I were introduced through a common business connection over 9 months ago, and even then, it seemed like we were destined to make great things together. I, for one, was excited to talk to Mark (though really, who wouldn’t be, given Mark’s background?). And his willingness to take time out from an important conference to chat with me about CircleBack suggested that he was intrigued as well.

After downloading the CircleBack app, Mark understood the value of CircleBack immediately. He agreed to become my advisor, helping me navigate the finer points of building a solid B2B product strategy.

And as CircleBack’s growth-mode continued its ramp-up, Mark has become more involved than ever. So involved, in fact, that it made perfect sense for him to join me as a full partner in the future of our strategic business development, sales, and B2B product strategy.  With nearly 20 years of experience in the B2B sales and marketing technology space—and with expertise in use of data in AdTech and predictive sales/marketing solutions—Mark brings a critical perspective to the table as we prepare to roll out the evolution of our technology. He’ll guide us through the nooks and crannies of enterprise products and, as you’ll see in the coming months, help us to take the Account-Based Marketing space by storm.

Most recently a Chief Strategy Officer at 6Sense, Mark was co-founder of Bizo, a company acquired by LinkedIn in 2014 for $175M. At Bizo, Mark led strategic partnerships, developing publishers network, and servicing brands.

And it’s this kind of credibility and expertise that we need to step into the future. With Mark at the helm of our strategy and B2B initiatives, we’re experiencing a kind of insights and access we’ve never had before. An expertise we couldn’t get anywhere else. And because of that, it’s an incredibly exciting time!

I couldn’t be more excited to have Mark take on this very important executive leadership role. He’s accomplished, well-respected, and proven, and his expertise in leading product- and go-to-market strategies is unmatched. He’ll be another much needed “army of one”  helping us bring our unique and deterministic dataset to power sales and marketing solutions.  

Welcome Mark!