At CircleBack, we know that any good business only gets that way because it listens to its customers. For that reason, we’re using the survey results of our awesome Beta testers to improve our app every day. We’ve soaked up the data, tested our functionality at obsessive levels, and we’re confident that we’ll be releasing the best contact manager on the market soon.

Many of you are happy with what we’ve got. The most common criticism, accounting for about 18% of all feedback, is that we need to work out the kinks of our business-card scanner, and believe me, we hear you loud and clear. Unfortunately, while OCR (the transcribing algorithms used for converting business cards to text) is now “good enough,” it still hasn’t reached the stage where it’s perfect. It’s an issue that is consistently taken on with our developers and engineers, pushing them to ensure our scanner is better than anything else out there.

Some of you have shared more specific problems that don’t rely on the entire field of OCR moving forward. Thank you! We hear you loud and clear. Here are some of those issues you’ve been dealing with:

1) CircleBack should sync with SalesForce and other CRMs

Currently, we don’t have that functionality in CircleBack (we do have it in our Enterprise edition of ScanBizCards).I wouldn’t be shocked (and neither should you) if it shows up in an Enterprise edition of CircleBack. While it is a priority to ensure that CircleBack easily integrates with everything you need to make your business run, we first want to focus on making the app itself as powerful as possible.

2) CircleBack should import LinkedIn contacts

This integration was in demand, comprising almost 20% of your concerns—and rightly so! LinkedIn is a powerful tool, and one we’ve always aspired to harness. Great news: the wait is over! If you open your CircleBack app right now, you’ll see an update providing you exactly this capability. With just a quick sync, you’ll have your LinkedIn contacts at your fingertips, ready to be organized into groups, followed up with whatever you like best to do in CircleBack.

3) The App Crashes From Time to Time

Inevitable with any piece of technology in beta, our app has suffered a few hiccups that caused it to crash. We hope you’ll forgive us. In our newest update, we’ve separated the contact page from the dashboard in the hopes that it’ll prevent any further problems. In our testing, this stood out as the single variable most responsible for crashes. Though we enjoyed the aesthetics of the two together, we’d rather you have a reliable app than one we’re sentimental about.

A Winning Product

Many of you replied with encouraging things to say, suggesting we’ve “got a winner” and could have “the next big thing” on our hands. We like to think so too and rely on you, our beta community, for your continued engagement and patience while we make CircleBack the best it can possibly be.

The interviewing and follow-up with our loyal beta testers will continue on until the full release version of the CircleBack app. If you want to share your experience, please let us know in the comments section below!