In our weekly column “Tips for Succeeding,” we review different features of our apps to ensure that you’re getting the most from our products.

For the inaugural installment of “Tips for Succeeding,” we thought we’d go simple, explaining the second most powerful feature of ScanBizCards (aside from the card scanner itself), the Quick Intro Email function. Loads of people think of ScanBizCards as a simple card scanner, one that pulls info from business cards and populates a convenient contact back. Unfortunately, those people don’t fully understand the power of the tertiary features we’ve developed. ScanBizCards is committed not only to helping you easily collect contains; we’re also committed to making it easier to maintain those relationships!

So back to the Intro Email Function. Picture this: you’re at a meet-up, and you’ve just finished swapping cards with a great new contact. You’ve scanned it in, and you want to send a follow-up email to cement the relationship but you have another appointment, a dinner, or you just want to get home to the kids. In the old world, you’d wait until the next day and hope and pray that you remember, that the doldrums of the workday don’t rain down too heavily for you to do anything else. Be honest with yourself: how many contacts have you lost because life? More than a few, I bet.

But now, with the Intro Email Function, you never will again. After scanning a card, you’ll be prompted to send an intro email to the address just pulled off the business card. The message is pre-populated, just a simple greeting, but it’s something that you can change or personalize if you like. What’s important is that these get sent during that critical 1-3 day period when the person you met still remembers you.

If properly utilized, this function will help you turn your contacts into connections without any hassle. Just one flick and you’re connected.

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