As of today, Facebook has changed the information apps are able to use to enrich your experience. As a result, CircleBack has changed the steps you’ll take to access your Facebook contacts for an even better  CircleBack experience.

Just like with LinkedIn, there’s an easy way you can continue enjoying your Facebook contacts directly in your CircleBack address book.

How to Sync Facebook Contacts to CircleBack

  • The first thing you need to do is select “Settings” on your iOS home screen.
  • Once here, swipe down until you see “Facebook” and tap it
  • Inside your Facebook settings, toggle “Contacts” on to allow your Facebook contacts to sync to your iOS address book.
  • Below the toggle, tap “Update All Contacts” to complete the process.

Once you’ve completed these steps, launch CircleBack and let the magic happen!

And, if you’re not yet using CircleBack, try it now for iOS or Android. CircleBack is an intelligent contact manager that cleans, completes, and updates your address book, ensuring that you always have the best contact info for all of your professional connections.

Thanks for your support.