It’s always hard to make a decision to sunset a product, but sometimes we have to make those decisions to bring something better in the future.

We were faced with a similar challenge with WebSync– a product some of our users used to backup business cards in the cloud, sync across different devices, manually edit data fields from scanned cards through the web browser and more.

When we surveyed our users on user satisfaction, the satisfaction score was less than 3. We knew the product needed a lot of work for us to be proud of. To that extent we reached out to our users to get their feedback on how to proceed with ScanBizCards WebSync — and our users helped us make the decision. Our users who actively use WebSync continue to show great support and appreciation for it. However, a large percentage of the users on our survey feel they don’t use it enough to pay for it.


Sunset date for WebSync: Mar 5, 2018

We will be sunsetting WebSync on March 5th. We respect that some of our users use the product, and to that extent, our support team will help you provide the alternate ways to accomplish the tasks you used to perform with WebSync.


Support and FAQs Is Available

For those who do use WebSync– first off, we would like to thank you for your appreciation. We’ll do everything we can to support you.

We will continue to update the  FAQs to help you with things you might need to transition from WebSync to alternative services that we’re going to be providing for WebSync.


Meanwhile, We’re Continuing To Improve ScanBizCards

To make sure our users continue to benefit from cloud back up, we have worked hard on an alternative for backing up cards in the cloud using Google Drive (Android users) and iCloud (iOS users).

We are committed to improve ScanBizCards products, and will be making great improvements in terms of our products’ user experience, technical support and customer delight in 2018 to make our ScanBizCards products better.

We have received a lot of positive feedback from our users for the Signature Capture functionality we introduced within ScanBizCards app. Stay tuned for more integrations and enterprise features in 2018.


We Will Be Back

In the end, we would like to thank all of our active users of ScanBizCards WebSync for your continued feedback. We are truly grateful for all the support, but apologetic that we couldn’t keep WebSync running.

But we promise to come back with something better very soon. (Hint: it’s already shaping up nicely).

We hope to continue to receive your support. Please keep using our products, and give us feedback on how to improve ScanBizCards so we can serve you better!