In keeping up with our practice of diverting our resources towards new products with better design and functionality, we have to sometimes make some really tough decisions. One of these was sunsetting our CleanUp Contacts Suite.

It was definitely a painful decision as we had invested a lot of time and hard work into the product, but despite all our efforts, we realized that the product demand was continuously falling. After careful consideration, we decided to discontinue the product on 28th June 2018.

However, the existing customers of CleanUp Suite can keep using the app to remove duplicates with customizable merge sensitivity and will continue to receive support and assistance for some time.


Support for Existing Customers is Available

Our support team will continue to assist you in resolving all your queries, and the FAQs section will also remain available on the website, however, no update or upgrade will be available proceeding further. The good news is that our other address book cleaner app CleanUp Duplicate Contacts is still available and performing well.


Use CleanUp Duplicate Contacts

Yes, you can still clean up your duplicates on your iOS device using our CleanUp Duplicate Contacts app. The app initially runs a scan to check all the duplicates and then displays the results. You can simply choose to remove all matching contacts or merge sub-selection of duplicates found, as required.

While this is a much-appreciated app that can serve as an alternative app for removing dupes, we regret any inconvenience that sunsetting CleanUp Contacts Suite announcement may have caused and promise to make a comeback really soon with a better product.


We’ll Meet Again

We appreciate and value your partnership, and would like to thank you for your continued feedback. We promise to come back soon with something better.

Please keep using our products and offer us feedback on how to improve our current offerings,