Sales reps spend only 18% of their time in CRM despite its importance for effective customer information management. CRM simplifies and automates processes, makes marketing easier, offers instant business insights, and leads to improved team collaboration.

So why is its usage so low? CRM is proving to be a frustration for most sales reps. 9.7% of their time is being spent in spreadsheets trying to manage CRM tasks.

This calls for deep contemplation since CRM is not going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it will be used more often. About 91% of organizations with more than 11 employees now use CRM systems. Hence, consider integrating your CRM with sales enablement apps to spend more time closing deals, not chasing numbers. And Salesforce can be a good starting platform. Capterra indicates that among various platforms, Salesforce captures one-third of all CRM users.

Let’s check out some apps and integrations for flawlessly managing your Salesforce platform.


1. ScanBizCards can save you time by scanning and saving your business cards directly into your Salesforce account within seconds. Salespeople can now spend more time networking and closing deals. Learn more about ScanBizCards from here.


2. Highspot easily fits into your day-to-day workflow. After you have attended meetings and saved contacts, it is time to engage with customers via email or online presentations with Highspot and Salesforce. Highpoint can track engagement on opened, viewed, downloaded or shared content. Learn more about Highspot.


3. Prezi for Salesforce allows business users to understand which part of their presentations generate the most interest, so you can target customers and prospects with enhanced precision. Learn more about Prezi here. And in case you forgot where the prospects information was stored previously, you can use Bloomfire.


4. Bloomfire’s AI-powered search allows you to find out what you need, and its full Q&A engine helps answer queries to quickly resolve issues. Bloomfire helps teams spend more time with customers and prospects by surfacing relevant knowledge. Find out your customer data and check what channels your customers and prospects use. Get to know more about Bloomfire from here.


5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Salesforce can help you tap into a vast knowledge base to support social selling. The sync feature automatically imports relevant data associated with open opportunities from your Salesforce account. The sales navigator will suggest leads based on existing CRM data, combined with LI’s own data and algorithms to help you grow your business. Click here to know more about LI sales navigator. ClearSlide is yet another useful app to consider.


6. ClearSlide for Salesforce puts content, communications, and insights at your fingertips. The integration pushes Salesforce data to ClearSlide and automatically logs ClearSlide activity and customer engagement data in Salesforce, enhancing data quality. ClearSlide for Salesforce is Lightning ready and is the leading AppExchange app for content, communications, guided selling and engagement insights. Here’s more about ClearSlide. However, for better deals, it is also vital to align sales and marketing processes.


7. Pardot by Salesforce is a smart marketing automation platform built on Salesforce. It offers a complete suite of tools to help marketers create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. The sync helps blend marketing and sales processes, allowing you to manage the flow of leads from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Learn more about Pardot from here. Finally, as deals are closed or lost, it is important to continuously review the team performance and strive for betterment.


8. RepTivity displays the sales rep’s KPIs via a real-time leaderboard. Organizations can rank their sales reps and publicly recognize sales leaders using the app and can track any metric from Salesforce. Multiple leaderboards can also be added for additional sales teams. Features include real-time ranking, badges, email alerts and large TV screen display option for office wall hangings. Here’s more about RepTivity.


This is a short list featuring only a handful of the available sales enablement apps for Salesforce. You can choose the apps and integrations based on your specific needs. Some of the benefits you can accrue by using these integrations include more sale time at hands, better team collaboration and communication, better prioritization and grouping of customers and prospects, enhanced reporting and higher customer satisfaction.