In our last blog, we discussed how crafting a robust card design strategy, using card scanner apps, and understanding card exchange etiquettes can be helpful in managing your business card chaos and making events a breeze.

Let’s now focus on some cutting-edge business card trends to watch for in 2018 that can serve as a base for creating a strong business card strategy in sync with the market developments.


Business Card Trends to Watch For in 2018


1. Out of box card-making materials: A business card you can roll up and smoke by Bos Agency from Toronto, or a metal coin business card manufactured by are some excellent examples. Using chocolate, plastics, leather, concrete or any other material to represent your company’s product can be a real game-changer in near future.


2. Thick Cardstock: Consider choosing a heavier and thicker cardstock for a tactile advantage. The thickness makes card sturdier, and the touch and feel of the heavier cards allow people to remember it for long.


3. Creative Die-Cut Cards or 3D Designs: Standard cards are being replaced by die-cut cards that can take a variety of shapes and can make your card stand out. Though a little expensive, 3D design goes a step further by turning your card into an object, which is more likely to be kept by the receiver.


4. Interactive Card Designs: Playful designs are a new addition that will likely evolve into a future fad. They feature puzzles and windows to make your cards interesting and offer card information in a unique way.


5. Brand Representation: Channels are drifting toward consistency, and since your business card is the face of your company, it should mirror your web design. The color schemes, symbols, and fonts should all be in sync with your brand personality.


6. Minimalist Write-up: A minimalist print looks simple, direct, clearly visible, to the point and elegant. This trend is growing in popularity and is considered professional.


7. Use of Puns and Smart Phrases: Phrases such as these add personality to your business cards and are fun to read. They are likely to evoke some reaction making it hard to forget the card. But keep them short and sweet.


8. Unusually Huge Typeface: The idea is to make your company’s name memorable. The focus on being different and exceptional is high, and hence, use of over-sized typeface is becoming increasingly common.


Follow these trends to create fresh and modern business cards that are not simply memorable but worth keeping. Remember, business cards can create a fantastic first impression of your company, so take time to carefully plan, design and understand what and how you want to convey your company information to your customers, and then execute the plan.