The networking season has begun. So, wake up from that holiday slumber and get back to work.

The world of B2B sales and marketing is changing fast, and you cannot afford to miss any significant event or conference, which serve to keep you up-to-date with industry trends. They offer you a variety of contacts along with a lot of learning.

Let’s find out what February 2018 has to offer. Check out some of the significant forthcoming events.


1. GrowthHackers Conference (February 6, 2018: San Diego)

This conference offers a unique perspective into how some of the fastest growing companies are methodically and strategically approaching and scaling their customer and revenue growth. It offers you an opportunity to learn from and network with the top growth-experts from around the globe. The presenters include chief marketing officers, marketing strategists, and leaders from companies such as Spotify, HubSpot, Slack, and TOPBOTS.


2. Predictive Analytics Innovation Summit (February 6-7, 2018: San Diego)

In this conference, data scientists, professionals and decision makers from around the globe come together to learn the latest about predictive analytics, data science, and business intelligence. With this knowledge, they can achieve a competitive edge, identify new revenue opportunities, increase profitability, and enhance customer service. The speakers include VPs, directors, industry professionals and data scientists from companies such as AT&T, Cedars-Sinai, PlayStation, Mastercard, and McGraw-Hill Education.


3. SaaStr Annual 2018 (February 6-8, 2018: San Francisco)

With over 10,000 attendees including SaaS (software as a service) founders, VCs and executives, this is a significant B2B conference not to be missed. You can get some hands-on advice on enterprise software and meet and network with others in your field. The speakers include business founders, senior executives, and investors from companies such as Moz, Trello, Prezi, MailChimp and more.


4. Digital Marketing Innovation Summit (February 27-28, 2018: New York)

This summit brings together senior digital leaders from across the country and around the world for networking and thought leadership. It’s a place to discuss industry challenges and find strategic solutions. Learn how to effectively use new technology to improve your brand communications, and gain a competitive advantage through targeted SEO and insightful content strategies. The speakers include content leaders, marketing directors, and VPs for companies such as Penguin Random House, Sprint, and more.

So, whether you are a business person stuck with a problem and can’t seem to find any solution, or a marketing specialist wanting to get acquainted with the latest industry trends, attending conferences is a great way to go about either of these goals. Conferences can also help you do a little prospecting, gather fresh insights, meet industry leaders, acquire new skills and explore new opportunities.

So, gear up, do the groundwork, gather details, understand the kind of people that will attend the event and analyze how it fits into your strategy. Once you can clearly visualize the returns, do the required bookings and finally head for the event with a robust plan. Happy Networking!!