Everyone loves a good sales app. From personal CRMs to calendar assistants, expense itemizers to up-to-the-second snapshots of how your team’s tracking toward your quarterly goals, sales processes have—to an unprecedented degree—gone mobile.

But even as we’ve gotten more sophisticated in how we manage our workloads—the way we communicate, the way we plan, the way we feed our sales engine—we haven’t yet managed to create a simple, straightforward way to manage the one thing that actually matters most: our ability to manage customer and prospect contact data.

Now I know, I know. It’s contentious to argue that’s the single most important thing in our sales org. But think about it—as our contact data churns into oblivion, we lose the ability to reach out, to build relationships, and to close deals.

One single thing connects us to our prospects—our ability to reach them. Only when that’s in place does our funnel work, do analytics and calendars and follow-up reminders push us closer and closer to our commission checks.

Enter CircleBack, the AI-Driven Address Book That Takes the Hassle Out of Staying In Touch

To be frank, CircleBack is the address book for salespeople. It uses a patented intelligence engine to keep all your contacts dupe-free and up-to-date (including name, title, job, work phone, and work email), it offers strong business card scanning that exports straight to CRM, and it discovers new contacts in your email that aren’t in your address book but should be. And it does it all in an instant.

It’s basically takes the worst parts of selling—the data entry, the updating, and the organizing—and automates them, intelligently monitoring the “correctness” of contacts while filling in missing gaps and simplifying the process of adding new connections down to a button push. And what’s more, it’s fast, accurate, and free.

To be honest, it’s the kind of tool you’ve probably wished for without realizing it for most of your career. Something to take care of the tedium, something to ensure that the data is valid and organized. Something that helps us work better and smarter, all while making our lives easier. Sounds pretty good, right?

Download CircleBack now on iOS and Android.