Conferences are a great way to stay sharp, enthusiastic and connected. You come across a host of new and exciting speakers with fresh content, innovative ideas, and information about the latest tools and techniques. They’re also a great opportunity to mingle with the best and the brightest in your field, gain new perspectives and make new contacts.

So, are you all set for the forthcoming B2B sales and marketing events? Check out these upcoming ones and plan ahead to make your precious out-of-office hours worthwhile.


1. RampUP 2018 (March 5-6, 2018: San Francisco, CA)

This conference is a hub for major players in the field of digital marketing. With over 2400 participants, it’s a great place to hear from the best-in-industry speakers, network with the leaders and discuss the challenges and solutions facing the MarTech industry. The speakers include VPs, COOs, CEOs, marketing professionals, and leaders from companies such as Dun and Bradstreet, Adobe, LiveRamp, CNN, and TripAdvisor.


2. TOPO Summit (March 20-21, 2018: San Francisco, CA)

This summit offers a chance to learn from the world’s best sales and marketing organizations about the latest innovations and trends in 2018. The presenters include directors, VPs, industry professionals, sales consultants and senior analysts from companies like Google, Adobe, Glassdoor, and VMware.


3. Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (March 27-28, 2018: St. Louis, MO)

This event offers expert insights and networking opportunities for increasing brand awareness, improving customer service and trending digital tools and technologies. The speakers include senior analysts, marketing strategists, directors, CEOs, content marketing leaders, and marketing specialists from companies like Gladitood, GoDaddy, Big Rush Marketing, Nielsen, and HubSpot.


4. Pulse 2018 (April 10-11, 2018: San Mateo, CA)

This is a great event to do some hands-on networking with over 5000 customer success professionals. It offers an opportunity to gain valuable information about the cutting-edge best practices, and to become aware of the most recent data on industry trends, tactics, and forecasts. The presenters include sales and marketing professionals, chief customer officers, consultants, CEOs and VPs of companies such as MindTouch, VMware, Microsoft, Work-Bench and more.


5. Marketing Analytics and Data Science (April 11-13, 2018: San Francisco, CA)

Data is increasingly disrupting industries, and for those who want to learn how to leverage the power of data to drive specific business purposes, this is a ‘not to be missed’ missed.  Among the event speakers are directors, VPs, data scientists, senior data analysts and strategists from companies like Coca-Cola, Linkedin, Magneto, Civis Analytics, PayPal, and Twitter.


6. MarTech (April 23-25, 2018: San Jose, CA)

MarTech celebrates the synergies between marketing, technology, and management to drive change and succeed in this tech-powered marketing world. The event is a hub for senior tech-savvy marketing professionals – marketing technologists, data scientists, digital strategists and more. The speakers include digital officers, CEOs, senior marketing and technology professionals from organizations like the New York Times, TOPBOTS, Oracle, McKinsey & Company, Red Hat and Amazon Web Services.


7. The Marketing Nation Summit (April 29- May 2, 2018: San Francisco, CA)

This summit is a great place to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies from marketers around the world. Whether it’s the digital transformation of marketing, advertising, or beyond, the summit offers cutting-edge thought leadership, industry best practices, and good networking opportunities.


These picks have been made with an eye for high networking and learning benefits. However, each conference you attend is an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the industry trends to help you remain ahead of the game, so plan in advance and get the most out of your conference as an attendee or a presenter. You need to do your homework well, book your tickets in advance, and be proactive in your approach. So, set out on your journey to learn, network and grow.