The world has been changing faster than ever these past few years, and the way in which technology is disrupting the B2B space is mind-boggling. From traditional marketing tactics to ABM to artificial intelligence, everything is changing. Amidst this chaos, conferences offer a great way to keep in touch with our surroundings and stay inspired and connected.

So, if you are still indoors, get active and seize some good networking opportunities in the upcoming months of May, June, and July. Take a look and plan ahead to make the best use of your time.


1. Sirius Decisions Summit 2018 (May 8-10, 2018: Las Vegas, NV)

With over 3000 attendees, this conference is an excellent place to learn about the data-driven best practices research, and to acquaint yourself with new innovations across the b2b space. It’s a perfect hub to network with an elite community of sales, marketing, and product leaders. The speakers and presenters include service directors, senior research directors, VPs and product officers from companies such as Imprivata, Vocera, Cisco, and SiriusDecisions.


2. Gartner Digital Marketing Conference (May 15-17, 2018: San Diego, CA)

The 2018 Gartner Digital Marketing Conference offers leading strategies and insights into upcoming customer-centric trends and tools. The conference will help marketers to capitalize on these trends, and to learn how to execute their strategies with the right mix of talent, technologies, programs, and partners. The speakers include directors, VPs, CEOs and marketing leaders from companies such as Keurig Green Mountain, CA Technologies, and Edelman.


3. AM Days (May 15-17, 2018: Las Vegas, NV)

AM Days is a performance-based affiliate marketing conference offering a platform for brands, affiliate marketers, and solution providers to engage in B2B networking. Some of the topics to be covered include the role of technology & affiliate networks, landing page and conversion optimization, mobile performance marketing, and performance marketing analytics. The speakers include marketing managers and leaders, founders, CEOs, and VPs from companies such as Investing Channel, Uber, LinkConnector, and Microsoft.


4. Sales 3.0 (June 19, 2018: Philadelphia, PA)

The Sales 3.0 conference offers key insights and strategies to improve sales performance and revenue growth. It’s a great place to learn from the sales leaders of top companies, technology influencers, analysts, and management and leadership experts. The speakers include CEOs, founders, directors, and senior sales executives as well as officers from companies such as Gartner, SalesHood, Selling Power and Double Digit Sales.


5. IGNITE (July 10, 2018: London, UK)

IGNITE is one of Europe’s largest B2B marketing events that offers a deep insight into marketing innovation and business growth. With over 60 sessions, simply customize your own agenda. It’s a place where you will experience an explosion of ideas and conversations related to marketing innovation and business growth. The speakers include VPs, senior VPs, CEOs, directors, and other market leaders from companies like SAP, Sidetrade, Lean Content, ITSMA, and ON24.


These are a selection of important events for networking. It is up to you to use the sessions to gain insight on latest trends in the industry and to utilize the short time window available to network and convert acquaintances into long and enduring relationships. When networking, you must evoke interest and create a storyline around your business so that people remember you. Then follow-up with tactical online and offline connections, especially over social media platforms like LI, FB, and Twitter, to track changes in the prospects career graph. With more and more events, you can become an expert in your field and can grow your network manifold. Happy Networking!!