CircleBack is excited to announce the launch of our ContactCloud Chrome Extension, which serves as a handy companion to our new account-based prospecting solution ContactCloud.

If you’re a sales guy or a marketing gal, CircleBack’s ContactCloud is about to become your best friend. ContactCloud provides the most up-to-date B2B contact information at scale for sales and marketing teams. Our vast contact database is generated by passively crowdsourcing contact information contributed by millions of our active users and using our proprietary AI to ensure the highest quality available on the market. And our database is getting larger and smarter everyday!

ContactCloud’s user-friendly platform gives you access to our top-notch data and the power to choose the firmographics of your targets, making it easier than ever for you to drive your marketing strategies and achieve your sales goals.

This ContactCloud Chrome Extension makes it even easier for you to achieve these goals. We all know how frustrating rummaging through tens of tabs on your browser can be. With the ContactCloud Chrome Extension, no matter what website you’re browsing, it becomes a portal to the most accurate B2B contact database out there.

You can sign up for a free trial here and start closing those deals!