This morning, we arrived in the office to some great ContactSaver news; we’d been featured on TechCrunch! It was a real honor to have our product discussed by the great Sarah Perez, who beamed about us, saying ContactSaver is comparable to one of her favorite “set it and forget it” tools and that ours offers “even more hands-on control” than her old flame.

For those of you new to ContactSaver, it’s a new app by CircleBack that uses machine intelligence to capture signatures from emails in your Gmail account and turn them into contacts. Unlike iOS 8, ContactSaver creates complete contacts (including business name and title) and will scan your entire email box for signatures with a single click (instead of going through emails one by one). Additionally, ContactSaver helps you manage duplicate contacts and doesn’t require iOS 8 to run.

Want to learn more? Check out the whole article here and download the app from the iOS store.