Remember the days when you’d spend minutes (or even hours) digging through your behemoth of an inbox, looking for someone’s contact information? Me too. That was yesterday, and yesterday, frankly, was not that great.

But it could have been worse, right? It could have been like what happened to a former colleague of mine, a man who lived and died by his contacts. Basically, he kept all of his contacts on his work phone, the ubiquitous Blackberry (I know I’m dating this…) and, as soon as he left for a different venture, his phone was wiped, and his contacts were gone. No problem he told me in the following days. I have all the contacts in emails.

The next time I saw him, he sat down flustered and frustrated. Do you know how long I spent getting my contacts? he asked. 20 hours. I spent 20 hours making a spreadsheet with all the contact info from Gmail, and I’m still not done!

It’s a common story, a common problem. Or, at least, it used to be. But with the launch of ContactSaver, this problem should fade into the obscurity of things like phone calendars not syncing with desktops and only being able to receive calls on your landline.


With ContactSaver, you’ll never have to dig through email signatures in Gmail again.

After connecting the app to your Gmail account, our email signature capture goes to work looking through email signatures and harvesting contacts to add to your email address book. Unlike certain competitors, we know that you don’t just need email addresses and names; the contacts we recover include titles and employment info so you actually know who you’re talking to. Once complete, you’ll have the option to save or discard them (because lord knows you don’t need contact info for everyone that emails you.) It’s simple, it’s fast, and it’s free. Boom.

But that’s not even the best part (nor are the nautically-themed “Welcome” emails you *might* receive). The best part is that ContactSaver is just the beginning.

Imagine you had an app that could take that Gmail address book, grab those contacts, import them to a centralized contact list, and could ensure that they always stayed up to date. Imagine that. So even if you change jobs and lose access to everything, or your sweet, sweet child decides your iPad is a great place to eat ice-cream, or you experience the dreaded toilet/phone combo of doom, you’ll still have all of your contacts, and they’ll always be up-to-date. Roll it around in that melon of yours.

Just wait until November. #CircleBackisComing.