Data decay occurs when people change jobs, titles or phone numbers, companies go bust, acquisitions, mergers take place and so on. This leads to a cluttered, outdated, and invalid database of contacts, thereby damaging your marketing and lead gen efforts and outcomes.

According to ZoomInfo, 62% of organizations rely on marketing and prospect data that is up to 40% inaccurate, and 1-10-100 rule says that it costs $1 to verify a record as it’s entered, $10 to scrub and cleanse it later, and $100 if nothing is done.  

So, if you are transferring your corrupted or incomplete mobile data to your CRM, stop immediately. You don’t need to increase your costs anymore!


There’s a tool to help you!

All you need is a smart tool that will take care of your data before it reaches your database. CircleBack, with its proprietary AI data engine, can discover when the details of your connections change. It then swiftly comes up with new contact info to keep your connections alive and useful. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. CircleBack has a lot more to offer.

In addition to contact updates, CircleBack discovers and adds valuable connections from Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook/ Exchange and Office365. The app also offers contact deduplication, smart merging, custom contact management, business card scanning and contact completion, thereby keeping your contacts up-to-date, accurate and all in one place. This makes it one of the best contact management apps on the market.


CircleBack is Surely Leading the Charts

The app has been featured amongst 2018’s best Android contact apps and is also listed amongst the 12 best iPhone contact manager apps you deserve to collect. Needless to say, CircleBack is a complete contact manager for both your iOS and Android devices and will deliver clean, complete and updated data for your marketing endeavors. So, simply download CircleBack and get going!