If you’ve used CircleBack for any significant amount of time, there’s a good chance that CircleBack suggested an incorrect update.

It may have come in the form of an incorrect company or job title, or maybe an old business email address, a bad phone number, but it happened, and you’re wondering why. Aren’t your contact updates perfect? you ask.

Fair enough. We strive to provide only perfect, accurate contact updates but perfecting takes time, intelligence, feedback… it takes perfecting. And because we’re in a business that’s constantly changing (33% of all professional contact data changes each year), it’s a particular challenge to stay accurate, always.

We are on track to offer extreme accuracy in our contact updates.

We are on track to offer extreme accuracy in our contact updates. In fact, each time you CircleBack–accepting or ignoring updates, merging or declining to merge suggested duplicates, adding missing contact information–CircleBack gets smarter by learning from your feedback. All the interactions that take place in the CircleBack community feed CircleBack’s intelligence; behind your simple user experience with CircleBack is a powerful learning engine working hard, crunching data, to ensure you receive the most accurate updates possible.

So if, today, you get an incorrect update in CircleBack, let it know. Together we’ll reach that stage where every one of our update suggestions is accurate, but it’s going to take you working with CircleBack to get there.

So go review your updates!

Thanks for being a member of our team.