We’re very excited to announce that, as of today, CircleBack address book management is available for Android address books.

Download CircleBack for Android

It’s been a long process, testing and perfecting the CircleBack app on iOS before branching out to the Android community, but with your wonderful feedback, we think that we’ve built something really special.

CircleBack for Android offers the same robust updating and organizing features that have made it a fan-favorite on iOS.

With CircleBack for Android, you (or the Android user you know and love) will enjoy:

  • Contact updates that ensure you can always reach out to anyone in your network, right when you need to.
  • Smart contact de-duplication that knows when two (or more) contacts are the same person and when they just have the same name.
  • Total connection, bringing all your contacts from all your networks (Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Outlook.com, etc.) into one place for easy access.

Designed to be the nucleus of your network, CircleBack offers the tools you need to stay connected with your most valuable assets: your contacts.

So if you’re an Android user, download CircleBack now!

And, as always, if you have feedback, shoot us a note at cb-feedback@circleback.com. We take your comments very seriously and are always working to make CircleBack better for you.

Thanks for your support,

Andy Cohn
VP of Consumer Products