Hi, My name is Manoj Ramnani and I am the CEO and Founder of CircleBack, Inc. For over a year our website has contained only a scant bit of information, so I wanted to use my first post on the blog to enlighten you as to what we are up to.

My team and I have been developing a system that fulfills a vision that I first outlined on a napkin during a flight from DC to Seattle in 2007. What I imagined was a system that provided users an easier way to capture contact information and keep that information up to date, always.

After a few iterations we realized that the opportunity was bigger and users wanted an always up-to-date personal address book available on their mobile phone that accessed contact information from any database or contact list (address book in your email application, or contact list in your social network, business card or other repository where contact information is found).

Starting with Plaxo there have been several companies that have taken on this business problem, but as evidenced with ineffectual nature of the contacts app on everyone’s mobile phone, no one has solved the problem (yet).

When we started looking at the market and challenges professionals have we listed following:

  • contacts are spread all over professionals’ mobile phones, emails, company databases and social networks – all of which are hopelessly out of sync

  • duplicates are prevalent in all sources

  • contacts are incomplete

  • contact information is hopelessly out of date

  • what about that stack of humble business cards?

We believe the CircleBack app will finally conquer all these problems. It is currently in private beta but will be released very soon. I am proud of our team that has built an amazing product that I can’t wait to share with everyone.