As you all know, we’re always hard at work making CircleBack better, easier to use, and more useful to you. And we’ve done it again.

With the launch of our newest iOS version (1.8), we’ve brought CircleBack to that most sacred of screens, the Spotlight screen. Here, you search for the things you want – the things you need – when you don’t have time to fool around with your phone. It’s the perfect place to see accurate, up-to-date contacts. So that’s where we’ve gone.

Now (assuming you’ve upgraded to iOS 9), when you search for a contact in Spotlight, you’ll find their CircleBack-updated information. But we’ve done you one better: in addition to their contact information, we let you know if they have any updates pending. That way, you can reach that person you need exactly when you need them.

Download the new CircleBack for iOS here!

Here’s a few tips and tricks for getting the most out of CircleBack in the iOS Spotlight. In addition to searching by name, you can:

  • Type “CircleBack” to see the app and an abbreviated list of updated items
  • Type “Updates” in Spotlight to see both the total number of pending updates you have and all specific contacts with updates available
  • Type “Duplicates” to see the total number of duplicates in your address book
  • Type “Signatures” to see the total number of email signatures that have been captured by CircleBack but have not yet been approved by you

Clicking any of these will immediately take you to CircleBack, opening the appropriate section of the app.

IMPORTANT: Be sure that you make the upgrade to version 1.8 (earlier versions of CircleBack are not iOS 9 compatible) and shine a spotlight on your contacts who matter most.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, I’d love to hear from you. And if you wouldn’t mind, we’d love a review in the app store.

VP of Consumer Products