Long gone are the days of losing touch with someone. Now, even if we lose an email address, we take to LinkedIn or Facebook to reach out, get back in touch, and reconnect.

But—maybe—that’s outdated too, given that, in recent years, we’ve heard horror stories of sales execs spending hours tracking down lost connections, companies wasting thousands on productivity loss and bad data, and people losing valuable, time-sensitive opportunities due to nothing more than having the wrong phone number.

What the current moment needs is a tool that does the work for you. What we need is CircleBack address book management app.

CircleBack, by the company of the same name, answers the question “how do we keep contact data updated” with AI, using all that big data around surrounding contacts to determine the most accurate contact information—work email and phone, job title, and company—for professionals across America.

And the results are incredible. Launch the app, and you’ll typically find dozens of updates—from a title change of your old boss to career changes of distant connections. In addition to being incredibly handy as an address book—say goodbye to misdials—it’s also a way to keep track of the people you know, seeing where they go in their career.

But CircleBack knows that one cannot live on good data alone. After all, updating address books is time-consuming, but the real pain comes from getting all of your contacts in there in the first place.

That’s why CircleBack’s introduced two tools that really make the case for it being more than an address book—and something closer to a professional’s dream. Within the app, there’s powerful business card scanning and CRM Export capabilities in addition to an email signature capture tool that discovers new contacts in your email and offers to add them to your address book.

Taken individually, contact updates, business card scanning, and adding new contacts from email seems useful, but together, it’s something else. Imagine the ability to meet someone and, within seconds, have them in your address book, your CRM, and to have sent them a follow-up email solidifying your connection.

Imagine that, within this same tool, all those people you email with but haven’t gotten around to adding into your contact list are rounded up, have address book entries created for them, and all you have to do is give a quick “yes/no” to each.

Now, finally, imagine that, on top of all that, those new contacts—along with all your others—stay accurate. They’re up-to-date a week later, a month later, sixteen months later. Those contacts are continuously updated without you doing a thing. This makes Circleback the contact management app for professionals.

What I’m saying is that, there’s a reason Gizmodo compared CircleBack to a “fever dream” that no one ever thought possible. There’s a reason TechCrunch raved about the email capture. There’s a reason PCWorld declared the app so useful.

It is.

Download CircleBack here.