CircleBack for Android is Back and Better Than Ever

Let’s start with an apology—Android users, we’ve heard your frustration over the last few months. We’re sorry we weren’t able to get to this moment sooner. But if you’ll let us make it up to you, we’d love to try. We think we’ve created just the thing to make your life a lot easier.

And with that, we present to you the all-new CircleBack app for Android. We’ve given the app a face-lift, strapped a jetpack to it, and now, we’re launching CircleBack for Android boldly and beautifully into the future of relationship-building and address book management!

Download CircleBack 2.0 for Android

In this 2.0 update, we completely reimagine what an address book can be, bringing you gorgeous design, new (and powerfully improved) email signature capture, custom contact management & grouping, address book sync and SO. MUCH. MORE.

It’d take days to tell you everything we’ve done, but since you’re the kinda person who’s on the go-go-go, here are the cliff’s notes:

  • A sparkling new contact updating experience
    Updating your contacts never felt so good. With a variety of features offering you more customization and granularity than ever before–and the simplest, most intuitive update experience ever–managing your updates is a dream come true.
  • Our best email signature experience yet
    To compliment our shiny, new update experience, we’ve kicked email signature capture into high gear. You’ve got more visibility and option for customization than ever before. And did we mention it’s beautiful?
  • Email capture across Microsoft accounts
    First we conquered Gmail/Google Apps and Outlook/Exchange, and then we came for Office 365! CircleBack’s Email Signature Capture now supports all Microsoft Accounts, including Office 365,, Hotmail, MSN, etc.

And believe it or not, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’ve also brought a ton of little, intuitive changes that’ll completely revolutionize the way you network, build relationships, and more!

Again, we apologize for the delay on this, but we hope that, with the new CircleBack in your hands, you see that it was worth the wait!

Download CircleBack 2.0 for Android

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, feedback, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out!


VP of Consumer Product