If you are a B2B company, you definitely understand the relevance of access to accurate and timely data- the storehouse of contacts that you cling to for building your client base, credibility, and ultimately your revenue.

Besides, with ABM (account-based marketing) invading the B2B marketplace- inaccurate information can certainly drop you from the bracket of leaders to laggards.

What? You haven’t tasted the flavor of ABM as yet- then you should hurry. Why?

As per ITSMA survey, almost all B2B solution providers who measure ABM’s ROI agreed that ABM delivers higher ROI than the other marketing initiatives. Now, tie it back to the stats from SiriusDecisions 2015 State of ABM Survey to help you take a decision:

  • Response rates from ABM accounts: 47%
  • Online activity from ABM accounts: 39%
  • Number of new contacts in ABM accounts: 36%
  • Internal stakeholder feedback: 36%
  • Participation in all marketing activities: 25%

And there’s more. With ABM, there is less wastage of resources, lower risk, and a personalized touch to impress your targeted audience. The campaign can be precisely drawn-out and is easy to analyze. And your sales and marketing team do not need to work in silos- So, a foolproof strategy, isn’t it?

Sadly, No! Not until you have access to an organized database of contacts to begin with.

With continuous downpour of data falling on our devices (that we keep juggling with)- is it possible to rapidly and aptly process, update, and serve this data ?

Not a difficult task-especially when technology is advancing at a fast pace.

So, how to go about it?

A bit of pondering will tell you that the data that needs to be treated right away slumbers on our mobiles. Isn’t our mobile the first place we keep piling important data in the hope of getting instant access, when required?

So, to do that, do we need Smartphones that are really smart? No, I guess not!

A simple yet smart app using artificial intelligence can easily manage and update your contact data for you- and can help you unbolt the real benefits of ABM by allowing you to streamline your big whale accounts.


By fetching you the latest updates informing you when contacts move into decision-making roles or switch companies.

This updated data, when rinsed and groomed nicely, can easily be analyzed to limit the marketing and sales resources on a defined set of targeted accounts, using customized campaigns for each account- a potential market that can be used to leverage more clients.

So, problem solved? Not really! There is significant information has escaped our eyes.

What about the contact information on Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Exchange, Outlook and on the physical business cards you stack in your office cabinets? And what about duplicate entries?

Are we missing any other critical source of information. No, not really-except if you are dreaming of your email signatures to move automatically in your contact list.

Rope this back to CircleBack, and all the above is taken care of in an agile manner.And the app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. In the end, do you want to know the user’s verdict for CircleBack?—After 1.5 billion connections, it’s still growing!

Now this is called- ‘information at your fingertips’- thus providing you a sound base for ABM.

So, if you are getting ready for ABM, the first step is access to updated and fresh contact data- and CircleBack is a no-brainer, easy to use app for you.