Now that you’ve mastered the minutiae of the settings menu in ScanBizCards and have customized your quick responses to high heaven, it’s time to start thinking larger—like desktop-based, total-syncing-control larger. Yes, it’s great to be able to scan on the go and shoot off quick messages, but sometimes you need greater control over your cards, the ability to sync them across devices, and even the power to scan multiple cards at once. That’s where WebSync comes in.

WebSync is a feature of ScanBizCards that operates through your desktop—you can go here to log in—and allows you a portal to all the scanning information we keep safe for you in the cloud. You’ll notice that here you have quick access to each of your cards—so even if your phone/tablet dies you can easily find that super-important contact—but there’re also tons of unique features that allow you to plan sales trips, upload multiple cards at once, get your cards even further organized, etc.

One of our favorite features is the search function. By typing anything into the search box, you’re able to immediately locate different sets of contacts— friends, for example, or all those contacts who live in, say, New York. It makes finding what you’re looking for easy and planning for your next sales trip even easier.

Let’s say, for example, you plan to take a trip to the Northeast. Yes, you could search New York, and Connecticut, and Massachusetts for your contacts, make a list of their addresses, slowly plot your course, etc. You could. Or, you could simply turn on the “Map” function and see your contacts plotted for you. It’s an easy and fun way to plan your trip, letting ScanBizCards do all the work while you reap all the reward.

But maybe you don’t travel. Maybe you’re the kind of person that people come to, who collects so many contacts you don’t know what to do with them. We have a fix for that too! The WebSync tool allows you to scan up to 10 cards at once, cropping and importing them with ease. It’ll even use our powerful OCR technology to mine the cards for the contact info you need so that you don’t waste time squinting to read phone numbers off of tiny, scanned images. Even ten at a time, we can take the info from your cards and get them synced into your contacts in no time flat. How’s that for powerful?

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