VIENNA, VA–(Marketwired – Jun 4, 2015) – CircleBack, Inc. announces today that the CircleBack app is available on Android. Following the success of the February iOS release — which earned multiple features as “Best App” in the Apple “App Store” — users demanded the contact management app become available for Android as well. CircleBack, the only contact manager that keeps your address book organized and up-to-date and offers a variety of tools to ensure contact information is as accurate and useful as possible.

“My address book said I knew 6 John Smiths; I don’t know 6 John Smiths,” said Manoj Ramnani, CEO of CircleBack. “But with people changing jobs every few years, getting married, promoted, etc., address book problems were the norm.”

“Research we’ve conducted indicates that, of the 800 contacts in the average address book, ~240 go out of date each year,” Ramnani continued. “In this day and age, as people who rely on our networks, are we supposed to be okay with that?”

CircleBack users agree. “My contacts are a mess and the bane of my professional existence,” wrote one user on the iTunes App Store. “[CircleBack] fixes what has been broken since my first mobile phone. Well Done.”

CircleBack for Android (and iOS) features include:

  • Intelligent address book updating and syncing that informs users about contact changes. It serves as a Duplicate Merging app, and completes missing or incorrect information
  • Smart contact deduplication suggestions and contact completion for a better-organized, more useful address book experience
  • Connection of social and email networks (Gmail,, Hotmail, Twitter & Yahoo, etc.) for a complete address book
  • Email signature capture to automatically add people you’ve emailed to your address book
  • Cloud-based address book backup ensuring your contacts are there when your phone takes a plunge (or you upgrade to the newest device)

CircleBack for Android is available for download in the Google Play Store

About CircleBack Inc.
Designed to help individuals and organizations keep their contact data organized and up-to-date, CircleBack brings accuracy to contact data everywhere. Whether someone moves job, changes phone number, or just moves buildings, you’ll know.

More than 2.5 million users rely on CircleBack to manage billions of contact points a day so that they can trust that their address books are organized and up-to-date across every device. For more information, visit

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