As members of the CircleBack community, we think you have the right to simple, efficient address book management tools. Whether it’s adding new contacts with ease, quickly checking through CircleBack updates, or watching thousands of dupes disappear before you eyes, we strive to make every thing you do with your professional contacts easier.

But what about on my non-iOS devices? you ask. How do I get my clean, complete, up-to-date CircleBack contact list onto my Android, or on the Windows computer I use for work, or on my Macbook Air? You could log into the CircleBack (beta) web app or pull out your iPhone and find the contact you’re looking for, but on a large scale, that’s not a sustainable practice. So what do you do? How do you access your updated CircleBack contacts on other devices?

Through an address book sync protocol allowing users to access and share contact data on the cloud.

Access Your CircleBack Contacts Anywhere and Everywhere

CardDAV allows you to do just that. Log into any CardDAV-compliant client, enter “” as your server, and use your CircleBack email and password as the account credentials.

If you aren’t sure you have a CardDAV-compliant client (or you’re unsure what that is), learn more here.

Once you’re set up, your CircleBack contacts will appear in your address book!

Thanks for your support.