Every once in a while, careers need transforming. Maybe you’ve put the years in and realized that your dream career isn’t you, or you’ve hit that creative lull–the one where your job, the one you love doing, has become a routine. The signs are there, screaming at you that something’s got to give, that you have to do something, or you’ll run the risk of becoming another who leads a colorless life, one who punches in, punches out, and never really invests.

Believe me, everyone feels that way. Including app developers. Fortunately, they, like so many others, have taken steps to fix that, have built tools so that–whether we’re transitioning, looking to reinvigorate our careers, or just trying to maintain our professional relationships–we don’t have to feel that way anymore.

No matter where you are in your career, these 10 apps each deliver a much-needed spark, igniting your professional passions, your network, your job hunt, and, ultimately, your career.

10 Transformative Career Apps

  • Spruce up your resume with Visualize.me: We don’t all have the benefit of being graphically minded (or having access to those who do), and we still walk into job interviews with text-only resumes. Visualize.me is an app that links with your LinkedIn profile and automatically generates an infographic resume that highlights your skills.
  • Negotiate your raise (or look into a new company) with Glassdoor: Oft-times, we move into new titles with new salaries with little question. Incremental growth, experience, and raises are par for the course, and it’s easy to forget that what you do now may be worth considerably more than you’re being paid. Glassdoor shows you what others in your industry / role are being paid at which companies so that you have all the information you need when asking for that raise (or decided to head somewhere else).
  • Get back into the conversation with Hshtags: Whether you work in marketing/social or are starting to feel like your industry has passed you by, Hshtags helps you get deep into the conversation. By monitoring conversations and hashtag mentions across your social networks, Hshtags keeps you up on trends and helps you get back in the game.
  • Map out your plans with MindNode: Many people struggle sorting out what they mean, why they feel a certain way, and what their best courses of action are. MindNode takes care of all of that. By encouraging you to  focus only on your ideas, MindNode allows you to make simple visual idea maps so you can see what you’re thinking, how it all relates, and what the best course of action is.
  • Make to-do lists with Any.Do: Every single successful professional I know is that way because of to-do lists. Organizing tasks and timelines helps to sort out complex professional responsibilities and manage competing deadlines, and Any.Do is the easiest of them all. To get your life in order without the complexity of some other task management systems, give this one a shot.
  • Perfect your address book with CircleBack: Professional contact networks are completely invaluable to any career, and yet they go out of date at a rate of almost 30% per year. CircleBack cleans, completes, and updates your professional contacts automatically, making sure that you can reach your contacts when you need them.
  • Always follow up with Contactually: Keeping dozens of professional relationships alive at once can feel like drowning. Fortunately, Contactually exists, allowing you to create personalized follow-up schedules for each of your contacts and making it so you never have to wonder “have I gotten in touch with that person?” again.
  • Secretly plan your transition with Poacht: Interested in exploring your options but worried about your employer finding out? Poacht combines the casual job search with a Tinder-like interface, making a casual job search on your lunch break look totally innocent.
  • Get more done with focus booster: If you’ve reached that point where you have so much to do you’re paralyzed, you need focus booster. A digital pomodoro timer, focus booster allows you to schedule set amounts of time to perform specific tasks, and even automatically creates time sheets and graphs to help you visualize your progress (or bill someone).
  • Reach your goals with Coach.me: Whether trying to reach personal or professional goals, Coach.me can help you get there. By delivering content, coaching, and community support on a large variety of goals, Coach.me creates a support system that allows you to actualize.

No matter what you’re trying to go with your career, there’s an app for it. So organize your life, reach your goals, and stay excited about your job. Seriously. You can do it!       

Any apps you love that we didn’t list? Share them below!