CircleBack in the News

9/13/2017 – CRMBuyer

AI Tool Captures and Updates Contacts Automatically

“Nimble last week announced a deal to partner with CircleBack, which offers an AI-powered contact capture and cleaning tool that updates contacts and scans business cards automatically.The CircleBack tool captures email signatures in Gmail and G Suite in real time, automatically adding new contacts to a user’s list. The tool photographs or scans business cards and adds the information to contact lists as well.”

1/22/2017 – appPicker

The best CRM apps for the iPhone

“One of the most important aspects of customer relationship management is a top quality contact manager and CircleBack is as good as anything else in the App Store. This app not only provides an organized solution for tracking your contacts, it can also find new contacts for you by taking the information out of email signatures you receive. When an existing contact updates their information the app will automatically apply the changes for you as well. Contacts can be imported from Outlook, Gmail, Office365, LinkedIn, and others. You can separate your contacts into specific groups based on their relationship to you and you can sync across multiple platforms as well.”

12/4/2015 – iPhone Apps Review Online

CircleBack – The Smartest Contact Manager App Yet

“Contact lists are one of the most volatile things that we have to handle in our daily lives. It is always subject to regular change, every time we choose to add or deduct entries from it. This is especially true when work is involved. A job change here or an email address change there is sure to bring about that often over—looked hassle of having to chuck away old lists and building and managing new ones from scratch. CircleBack removes all of these issues through the smart organization of you contact list.”

09/30/2015 – Adotas

How Artificial Intelligence Changed Digital Marketing Forever: Manoj Ramnani

“Think of the rise of Big Data as the “Big Bang” of digital marketing. Before it, digital marketing and its analog counterpart were the sums of gut feelings, psychology textbooks, and only a broad understanding of “what happened before.”

9/16/2015 – Direct Marketing

New Solutions Debut At Dreamforce: Al Urbanski

“CircleBack introduced ContactCloud, a contact management solution blending AI with the curation of millions of users holding more than a billion contacts.”

09/15/2015 – Adotas

CircleBack Now Uses Artificial Intelligence And Crowdsourcing To Help You Manage Contact Data

“’CircleBack ContactCloud is designed to provide the most comprehensive B2B contact solution in the industry,’ said Manoj Ramnani, founder and chief executive officer of CircleBack. ‘Our solution helps sales and marketing professionals capture the data that never gets to the corporate system, clean their existing data, and finally provide an opportunity to extend the audience for the business.’”

07/28/2015 – Tech Cocktail

SocialRadar Cofounder Kevin Alansky Leaves To Join CircleBack: Ronald Barba

“CircleBack, a Vienna, VA-based company aimed at keeping user contacts up-to-date using artificial intelligence and machine learning, announced this morning that it has brought on Kevin Alansky as its Chief Marketing Officer.”

07/16/2015 – American Bar Association

Tech Tips For Young Lawyers To Get And Stay Organized: Peggy Gruenke

“Business cards are still the main vehicle for collecting contact information. If you rely on having time to enter these into your new contact database, it may not get done. But guess what—there’s an app for that.”

07/15/2015 – Tech Cocktail

CircleBack Closes $12M Round To Improve Contact Intelligence: Elliot Volkman

“Today, Vienna, VA based CircleBack announced the closure of a $12M round to continue better organizing your professional contacts.”

07/15/2015 – RJI Online

Futures Lab Update #114: Television For Social/Mobile, And Tools For Managing Contacts: Rueben Stern & Rachel Wise

“Several tools have emerged that can help journalists organize and stay up-to-date with their contacts more conveniently. We check out some key features.”

07/15/2015 – Washington Business Journal

CircleBack Raises 12 Million To Manage Your Business Contacts: Kasra Kangarloo

“CircleBack, a Vienna company that aggregates business contact data, has raised $12 million in funding led by District-based TDF Ventures.”

07/13/2015 – Entrepreneur

The 10 Best Apps To Pack For Business Travel: Rory Channer

“Full disclosure: I’m the chief business officer at CircleBack. But, regardless, I find this app perfect for business travel, something I’ve been doing throughout my entire career.”

06/25/2015 – Guiding Tech

Top 2 iPhone Apps To Bulk Delete And Merge Duplicate Contacts: Ashish Mundhra

“CleanUp Duplicates is an awesome app when you need to get rid of the duplicate contacts on your phone.”

06/24/2015 – iOSnoops

iPhone & iPad Apps Gone Free – June 24, 2015: Damian Ragar

“By far the most powerful and complete toolset to keep your address book clean and lean!”

06/23/2015 – BGR

7 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps On Sale For Free Today: Zach Epstein

“CleanUp Suite will keep your address book as clean as possible, so get it now!”

06/19/2015 – BT

How To Remove Duplicate Contacts From Your Smartphone Or Tablet: Julian Prokaza

“A smartphone or tablet makes it much simpler to manage your contact list than a paper address book, but that’s not to say they’re completely foolproof.”

06/12/2015 – CIO

A Quick Rundown Of How Deep Neural Nets Work: Rebecca Merrett

“Chief scientist of contact intelligence company CircleBack, Tim Oates, gave an overview of how deep neural networks work at Big Data TechCon in Boston, which took place in April. A deep neural network is an artificial neural network that has many hidden layers where data passes through between the input layer and the output layer. ‘Normal’ neural nets are not deep in that they usually only have one layer.”

06/11/2015 – Abduzeedo

Weekly Apps: Barneys, Pixelmator, Shazam And More: Fabiano Meneghetti

“CircleBack is the only contact manager that keeps your address book up-to-date & organized.”

06/11/2015 – ListHunt

New Startups, Apps & Gadgets Millennials Should Care About

“Accurate contacts are your most valuable professional asset. CircleBack cleans, completes, and updates your contacts, merges duplicates, and keeps your address book organized and always up-to-date.”

06/10/2015 – Go-Mash Mobile

How Do Wearables Change The Way We Think About App Development? Danny Marinou

“Manoj Ramnani, CEO of CircleBack commented: ‘Because we’re always building apps specifically for platforms (and with their limitations in mind), we’re going to see more of the same with wearables… The specific challenge of wearables is the need for simplicity: for users to be able to accomplish something interesting or useful in 1-2 swipes.’”

05/12/2015 – BGR

7 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps On Sale For Free Right Now For A Limited Time: Zach Epstein

“By far the most powerful and complete toolset to keep your address book clean and lean!”

05/12/2015 – AppAdvice

Today’s Apps Gone Free: CleanUp Suite, Secure Filebox, Mahjong Artifacts And More: Tyler Tschida

“Keep your address book clean and lean, securely store digital content, and play some Mahjong with today’s collection of apps and games.”

05/05/2015 – Fast Company

How To Make Industry Networking Events Worth It: Manoj Ramnani

“To get the most from these events, there’s quite a bit of front-loaded strategizing and after-the-fact upkeep. Think long-term goals, a slow burn, and you’ll approach these events with a much more productive attitude.”

04/24/2015 – Computer World

11 Must-Have Apple Watch Apps: Jonny Evans

“The modern world is busy and engaged, and your professional and personal contacts merge. But how can you keep up with what they’re doing? CircleBack uses artificial intelligence and crowd-based intelligence technology to automate contact updating and management.”

04/21/2015 – BGR

This Brilliant App Does The Dirty Work Of Cleaning Up Your iPhone’s Contacts: Brad Reed

“What makes this app so great is its single-mindedness: It’s really only there to help you get your contacts list in order. It lets you backup your whole address book before merging contacts to ensure that you don’t accidentally lose someone forever and it gives you detailed reports on exactly how many duplicate contacts you have from different sources. It’s also very fast and can clean up a list of 5,000 contacts in an average of less than a minute.”

04/21/2015 – The Wall Street Journal

Clean Up Your Messy Android And iPhone Contacts Without Going Mad: Joanna Stern

“Of all the many iOS apps I tried, Clean Up Suite was the simplest and fastest. The app analyzes your address book, then you review the work and decide what to merge. After finding nearly 200 dupes in my address book, I selected the contacts I wanted to merge and then, with one tap, the evil clones were gone.”

04/17/2015 – Entrepreneur

Why We Shouldn’t Fear Artificial Intelligence: Dr. Tim Oates

“There’s a lot of fear surrounding artificial intelligence these days, and it’s hard to know what’s warranted and what isn’t. Media blasts feature certain eminent billionaires’ and physicists’ Doomsday theories of intelligent machines alongside legitimate concerns over how AI will effect privacy in the age of big data.”

04/17/2015 – Martech Advisor

CircleBack Offers Contact Intelligence Through The Eloqua Connector: Rohit Roy

“Companies using Oracle’s marketing cloud software, Eloqua can now make use of a new offering from CircleBack. CircleBack now offers contact intelligence database-as-a-service through the Eloqua connector to companies using Oracle’s marketing automation software.”

04/15/2015 – The Washington Post

How Getting Organized Can Make You A Better Friend: Nicole Anzia

“Apps can also help you organize your contacts. CircleBack is a Vienna-based company with a new app that manages your contacts and eliminates duplicates.”

04/15/2015 – Destination CRM

CircleBack Launches Contact Intelligence For Eloqua

“CircleBack has begun offering contact intelligence database-as-a-service to enterprise businesses connected with Oracle’s marketing cloud software, Eloqua.”

04/13/2015 – Springwise

AI Contact Manager Keeps Users’ Digital Address Books Up To Date

“Most contact lists are shockingly out of date — an average of 25 percent of numbers and email addresses stored in people’s digital contact books are no longer in use. In business, this can be a very expensive mistake. Helping to solve this, CircleBack is a simple app which uses artificial intelligence and crowdsourced data to enable users to keep their business and personal contacts up to date.”

04/13/2015 – Trendhunter Tech

The CircleBack Contact Management App Uses AI To Update Contact Lists: Alyson Wyers

“This contact management app uses artificial intelligence (AI) to keep digital address books up to date by filling in details and changing records when people’s contact information changes.”

04/08/2015 – TechCrunch

11 Must-Have Apple Watch Apps: Jonny Evans

“The modern world is busy and engaged, and your professional and personal contacts merge. But how can you keep up with what they’re doing? CircleBack uses artificial intelligence and crowd-based intelligence technology to automate contact updating and management.”

04/08/2015 – TechCrunch

Stop Fearing Artificial Intelligence: Tim Oates

“As yet another tech pioneer with no connection to artificial intelligence steps out to voice his fears about AI being catastrophic for the human race, I feel the need respond. While I respect Steve Wozniak’s technological contributions to our culture, I fear that he, like so many others (Musk, Hawking, Gates), is poisoning the well for fear of something he doesn’t truly understand.”

04/06/2015 – The Cyber Advocate

Best New Apps For Lawyers – March 2015: Brian Focht

“The larger my contact list gets, the harder it is to know for sure that the information I have is accurate. The first few years out of law school there were probably 100-200 people that I tried to keep in touch with. Back then, it was much less likely that people were moving around, preferring to at least learn a little bit at their new firms.”

04/06/2015 – Socedo Blog

Do You Really Have Real-Time Lead Info? Aseem Badshah

“With so much at stake, it’s important to have a system in place for checking and updating this info. Fortunately, we are all more connected than ever before. Cloud computing and social networking have opened up an easy way to share our data with each other. For example, CircleBack uses artificial intelligence to determine if a piece of contact is accurate, based on community learning which expands as more people are connected.”

04/03/2015 – Destination CRM

CircleBack Partners With Swiftpage

“CircleBack has partnered with Swiftpage. As a result of the partnership, Swiftpage’s newest product in the Act! portfolio, Act! Cloud, will offer users CircleBack’s artificially intelligent customer contact updating services along with the rest of its suite.”

03/29/2015 – Tech News Today

CircleBack – Apple iOS App Review: John Dewey

“I think we all understand the trouble we have to go through when we change our email addresses due to job switching or any other reason. It usually happens that we send an email to a former work colleague, which never gets delivered. Well, you can stop worrying now, as the iOS has a recently-discovered app called CircleBack, which makes sure its users don’t have to always go through the drill.”

03/26/2015 – Abduzeedo

Weekly Apps: Layout, CircleBack, Enlight And More: Fabiano Meneghetti

“CircleBack knows your contacts better than you do. By automatically cleaning, completing, and updating your contacts, as well as removing duplicates, CircleBack keeps your address book organized and up-to-date”

03/20/2015 – Notebook Review

Best iPhone Apps: CircleBack: Vince Font

“Contacts lists have a habit of going bad. People switch jobs. They change their email addresses. Many times they don’t let anybody know they’ve done either.”

03/19/2015 – Gizmodo

Our Favorite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week: Darren Orf

“Every once in a while I have this fever dream that I’d have a smartphone contact book that would be up-to-date and completely filled out…”

03/19/2015 – The Next Web

CircleBack Keeps Your Contacts Up To Date Effortlessly

“CircleBack is the world’s first artificially intelligent contact manager.”

03/18/2015 – The Ladders

6 Simple Ways To Stand Out At Your Next Business Meeting: Amanda Augustine

“Business meetings are a great place to network and foster strong business relationships, so it’s important that you know how stand out among your peers,’ says Rory Channer, CBO of CircleBack Inc.”

03/16/2015 – PCWorld

Three Contact Manager Apps Better Than The One That Came With Your Phone: Liane Cassavoy

“CircleBack is a micro-manager’s dream come true—and I mean that in a good way.”

03/07/2015 – CNBC

Once More, With Feeling: ‘Chappie’ Takes On Idea of Rampaging AI: Javier E. David

“The way those movies are, it would be boring to see a machine that plants crops, and engages in mundane tasks’, Oates said. ‘From a Hollywood perspective, they make great movies, but it’s not reflective of the way AI works.”

02/25/2015 – US News and World Report

13 Types of Meeting Attendees You Don’t Want to Be: Hannah Morgan

“One way to engage yourself and get everyone on track is to make sure there is agreement on ideas with clearly assigned next steps, according to Rory Channer, chief business officer at CircleBack.”

02/18/2015 – Social Times

CircleBack Contact Manager Launches on iOS: Brandy Shaul

“A new app from CircleBack aims to bring organization to your list by using artificial intelligence to monitor and update your address book, keeping it clean from duplicates, up-to-date with workplace changes and more.”

02/20/2015 – Bisnow

The Week for Funding, Debuts and Ribbon Cuttings: Tania Anderson

“CircleBack has been working on its contact intelligence iOS app for two years, and the Vienna-based company will officially introduce it at a launch party next week at 1776.”

01/28/2015 – The WE Network

Top Ten Apps for the Young Entrepreneur: Madelyn Schaummann

“You can throw out your Grandmother’s rolodex because ScanBizCards is here to stay.”

01/16/2015 – Brazen Life

Leaving Your Job? How to Decide Who Owns Business

“When you’re preparing for the last time you’ll leave your job, you find yourself in a bit of a quandary: who owns the contact lists you’ve developed during your employment?”

12/30/2014 – EveryJoe

How to Streamline Your Life in the New Year: Aly Walansky

“The ContactSaver app scans your emails and automatically saves contact details directly to your address book so you can stay in touch with your network.”

12/30/2014 – makeuseof

How To Keep Your Digital Life Organized In The New Year: Joel Lee

“With a tool like ScanBizCards, you can snap a photo of each business card and the app will safely store it for you.”

11/18/2014 – BGR

7 Awesome Paid iPhone Apps that are Completely Free Right Now: Zach Epstein

“By far the most powerful and complete toolset to keep your address book clean and lean!”

11/10/2014 – Everything Email

ContactSaver App Turns Email Signatures Into Address Book Contacts: Henry McIntosh

“ContactSaver makes sense for those who want more control over who ends up in their phone address book.”

11/06/14 – Chupamobile Blog

ContactSaver: Never Search Your Inbox For A Contact Again!: Leya Thacherril

“ContactSaver is likely to save you a lot of stress.”

11/03/2014 – Technology Personalized

10 Best iPhone and iPad Apps This Week: Raju PP

“ContactSaver scans your email inbox to convert email signatures into address book contacts. Genius!”

10/28/14 – TechCrunch

iOS App ContactSaver Turns Email Signatures Into Address Book Contacts: Sarah Perez

“One of the handiest ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ tools I have at my disposal.”

10/27/14 – Forbes

5 Tools for Developing Your Business Network: Drew Hendricks

“CircleBack is a helpful app that makes sure your address book is up-to-date.”